Dublin Theatre Festival

Julian Clary

My Boyfriend's Back

Performed by Julian Clary

Venue Olympia Theatre

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The self-proclaimed 'Camp Comic' of Britan, who came to prominence five years ago with his late night Sticky Moments TV show for Channel Four, and the sit-com Terry and Julian, has now been warmly embraced by an audience well beyond any single fraternity.

In his own words, the cleverly contrived routines, songs and patter are essentially a matter of Clary dressing up and then dressing everyone else down. However, the make-up, glitter, projections of bare-bums adn bitchy wordplay are only pary of the Clary act. In there somewhere, under the froth, polish and pyrotechnics, is a thoughtful serious man who knows how to turn his audience on. For all his sexual gags he's as tame as Pricilla and almost as colourful to boot.

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