Dublin Theatre Festival

Susanne Linke / Urs Dietrich

And, Suddenly

Choreography Susanne Linke

Venue Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage

Choreography Ure Dietrich
Performer Ure Dietrich

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"For me the stage is a holy place, and as brutal as the last judgement. The truth must be told. It's like dying: you have to go through with it whether you like it or not, now or never. A magical process. I like magic. I like illision, the wonder, the sudience's astonishment - but I'm nowhere near that far yet; I'm only just beginning to work on it. First tje muscles have to develop. Miracles don't just happen; miracles are work."   - Urs Dietrich

What Urs Dietrich means by working on miracles is strikingly revealed by this latest sole performance, his third. The filigree material of this major piece is woven out of a magical shifting and effortless suspension of reality normally possible only in dreams. This phenomenal overturning of the laws of motion by some apparent slight of hand, taken to extreme poses that verge on a stilling of the very breathing is the most astounding aspect of this reverse striptease by a being that clothes itself in layer upon layer of identity and emotion.

Swiss-born dancer adn shoreographer, Urs Dietrich, has lived in Germany for the past fourteen years. He is partner adn co-founder with Susanne Linke of the Bremer Tanztheater and their collaborative work has been seen around the world. As an uncompromising anti-narcissistic solo dancer, he delves into the mysteries of self-transformation, the suspension of real time and the trancendence of geometrically-structured space - a seeker of stillness in the midst of movement, motion in the midst of stillness.

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