Dublin Theatre Festival


The Odyssey

Adapted, Directed & Choreographed by Footsbarn

Venue Iveagh Gardens

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The Odyssey is Europe's first and perhaps greatest adventure story, and a great deal more.

Its concerns are the relationship between Gods and mortals, men and women, mankind and the elements, the ntaural and the supernatural. Its hero is an Everyman for all times; cunning warrior, boastgul trickster, helpless pawn of fate, devoted it not always faithful husband, lover of Goddesses and witches, ruthless avenger, clown, philosopher, man of action and Hero.

Though many have seen hims as the archetypal explorer, restless for new land and experiences, Footsbarn's Odysseus is, at hear, a man who wants to go home and his ten-year struggle to do so forms the core of the narrative, as it does in Homer.

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