Dublin Theatre Festival

Cirque Eloize

Cirque Eloize
Venue Gaiety Theatre

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Given its bloodiness, little wonder that teh Cirque Eloize revelas itself as a blend of entertaining circus skills, brisk choreography, throbbing music, colourful costumes and dramatic lighting that conjures a special realm: sometimes slightly futuristic, avant-garde yet eerie, yet anchored deep in tradition.

Cirque Eolize's first stage appearance was seen in Magdalen islands: a series of islands off the coast of Quebec. the company took its name from a typical expression of the islanders - Eloize means heat lighting. Promoting a circus spectacle of unequalled artistic excellence, reflecting the new movement of Quebec circus acts, the company was founded in 1993. The company compromises of multi-talented performers who combine their expertise to bring you an entirely unique vision of today's modern circus filled with enchanting and mysterious characters. This is a brand new adventure of dance, drama, breathtaking, balancing, daring acrobatics, hilarous comedy, riotous jugglers and innovative music that will capture you in a web of excitement. The company has toured regularily around the United States and has hooked audiences with its astonishing acts.

Even though the show unfolds in English, French and Spanish, it needs no translation - Cirque Eloize commuinicates in the universal language of fun.

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