Dublin Theatre Festival

United Kingdom

One Helluva Life

by William Luce

Venue Tivoli Theatre

Directed by Bryan Forbes
Lighting design by Leonard Tucker
Cast Tom Conti, Rupert Farley

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One Helluva Life

Set in 1942 on the stage of a rundown theatre in New York, the once awesome John Barrymore struggles, through a shroud of booze and memories, to recapture his Richard III - a Richard that once mesmerized the world.

Barrymore's drinking has finally caught up with him as he realises he has enough money to last him the rest of his life - as long as he dies right now. Even the stage manager, played by Rupert Farley, hired to prompt his rehearsals cannot forbear to heckle the great man as he reminisces with caustic wit about the highs and lows of his extraordinary career.

Tom Conti is one of the UK's best loved actors. A Tony award winner and Oscar nominee, he is best known for his appearance in films such as Reuben Reuben and Shirley Valentine.

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