Dublin Theatre Festival

Movimento Danza

Le Due Anime Del Guarracino

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Le Due Anime Del Guarracino (The Two Souls of Guarracino) is one of Gabriella Stazio's latest works for her company, Movimento Danza. It is also the title Movimento Danza is giving to its three programme in the Festival. The other two sections of the programme are Aria (A door is ajar) and Kendang.

Le Due Anime del Guarracino is a choreography that alludes to the traditional Neopolitan tarantella, although it remains distant from the philological readings and from the temptations of tourism. It aims to be a reference to the roots of gestures and rhythms thqat belong to the rustic and popular tradition of Southern Italy.

The choreographic score evokes the deep structure of dance, bit its far from suggesting a return to a popular format. Rather, the intention is that of recontextualising signs, gestures, movements - turn, fall, throw, take back, strike, snap - in our contemporary sensitivity, leaving intact their evocotive force of archaic and ritual symbolism.

Aria (a door is ajar) - The idea of Aria was created specially for New Balance Dance Company in December 1995. Having seen Adrienne Brown dance a solo, Gabriella Stazio felt that air might be her element. There is a certain way of dancing in Dublin, a certain way of moving the arms and the hear, of suspending oneself, of letting oneself go with the dance, that makes her think of air. The first thing that struck her when she came to Dublin for the first time in 1994 with her Company, was the air - the very air that we breathe; both in the atmospheric sense - it's a quality that people from the Mediterranean do not know - and in the sense of the energy that one breathes in through the air.

Kendang Kendang is the drum, the heart of Bali orchestra, it gives the unchanged and constant rhythms to the dance, it is a single sound repeated until it reaches a "trance". That rhythem has guided the creation of this new choreograph, the search for a dance which developed and transmits energy - a "primitive" energy in which the body itself is satisfaction and every narration is unnecessary.


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