Dublin Theatre Festival


Venue Olympia Theatre

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Macnas returns to the Dublin Theatre efstival having won Best Irish production on their two precious visits with Táin in 1992 and Buile Shuibhne / Sweeny in 1994. Balor follows in the tradition of the other shows with a physical, action-packed form of theatre driven by a powerful musical score. This theatrical experience takes the energy and imagination of Macnas' street parades and distils it into a show overslowing with comedy, drama, action and music.

Balor opened in the Town Hall theatre, Galway in November 1995 and has since played at V Festival Ibero-Americano in Bogota, Columbia to audiences of more than 2,500 each night for a week.

A Synopsis

Balor of The Evil Eye rules the Fornorian race from his stronghold on Tory Island. His first child, Eithne, is born but the occasion is far from joyful as a druid prophesises that Eithne will bear a son who will kill Balor.

In an attempt to deny his fate, Balor locks Eithne in a tower never to set eyes on a man. She grows up in captivity, fierc;y [rptected by a guard of female Fonorian soldiers.

Across the water on the mainland, the craftsmen of the Tuathe De Danann live under the yoke of Balor's tyranny. Each season he demands tithes from the De Danann. They are powerless to resist and sugger their humiliations with a seething rage.

The de Danann acquire a great cown whose milk never dries up. However this cause of joy and celebration is ruined by Balor's intervention and theft of the cow. The De Danann resolve to retrience the cow and set off for Tory. They discover that the cow has beeen slaughtered. As they turn disconsolately for home, they encounter Balor's beautiful daughter Eithne. One of the De Danann, Conaola, is smitten and Eithne and he fall passionately in love.

Time passes and in the tower Eithne gives birth to a son. Balor learns of his existence and in a rage, he throws the child into the sea.

The child, Lu is cared for buy the sea and by luck and fortitude he is taken from the sea by the De Danann. Recognising the greatness in the child, the De Danann respect and nuture Lu who realisese his destiny by finally slaying his greanfather Balor.

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