Dublin Theatre Festival



Directed by Slava Polunin

Venue Gaiety Theatre

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To call Slava Polunin the greatest of modern clowns is to rist undervaluing him. I'm not sure we like "clowns" any more. "Clowns" are for children. To call him a mime is risky too. "Mimes" wear black tights and chase butterflies and look French. Slava Polunin wears yellow and red, the colours of danger in nature, and belongs to no known country on this planet.

His ambitions are boundless. He would hand himself if his could, but there is a second clown wanting to do the same, at the other end of the rope. He is victimised by the elements, the entire auditorium becoming a sort of Siberia. He falls hopelessly in love with his own arm.

Tragedy? Surrealism? Theatre of the Absurd? We have dieted for too long on cabaret comedians. We have forgotten what an immense thing comeedy can be. Slava Polunin reminds us.

This production is in association with Cork Opera House

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