Dublin Theatre Festival

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By Tim Crouch

Venue Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
Date 25 Sep 7.00pm
25 Sep 9.00pm
26 Sep - 28 Sep 6.00pm
26 Sep - 28 Sep 8.00pm
Duration 1hr

Directors Karl James, and a smith
Performers Tim Crouch and Hannah Ringham
Sound by Dan Jones
Technical Director Chris Umney

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“I look at these things and I don't really understand them. I like them, but my boyfriend would understand them. He says that good art  is art that sells.” 

Two guides in a gallery. Two lovers with a lifestyle to maintain. Two hearts beating four thousand miles apart. Translations. Transactions. A transplantation. 

Tim Crouch is fast developing a reputation as one of Europe's most daring writers and performers. His latest show, ENGLAND, was the undoubted hit of last year's Edinburgh Festival, winning countless awards including a Fringe First, Herald Angel and Total Theatre Award. This moving evocation of the relative value we place on precious things comes to Dublin in the middle of a world-wide tour. 

Played in contemporary exhibition spaces, surrounded by works of great beauty and worth, ENGLAND travels the trade routes of art and human beings. It's the story of a search for a new heart - a story about a life saved and an illness overcome at any cost. It's a tour to the end of the world. 

The audience is standing for part of the performance.

“Like all Crouch’s shows, it burns with the desire to provoke as it explores not just the nature of theatre but the way we live now, in a world where commerce knows no borders.”  
The Guardian

We Feel...
ENGLAND is a beautiful work from a true artist who is determinedly exploring the limits of what theatre can be.

Talking Theatre
Panel Discussion: The challenges and possibilities of creating work in unconventional spaces.
Sept 27, 3pm. Project Cube.

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