Dublin Theatre Festival

Carte Blanche

The Attic Under the Sky
Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 7 Oct - 8 Oct 10.15am, 12.15pm
9 Oct 10.15am, 7.00pm
Duration 1hr

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attic under sky

When entering this tiny attic you may discover a place full of dusty old boxes, broken toys and what may look like junk and rubbish, but to one little girl this Attic Under the Sky is a very special place! Many strange things are hidden in this attic - the most important of which is her only friend, the head of a puppet in search of a fitting body. Together they discover past memories, stories and dreams of other lives and other places hidden inside the broken, torn and worn-out toys. 

This is a performance for people who love beautiful images, exquisite music and are fond of memories...

Ages 6+

“A charming stream of visual imagery... skilfully done, full of lovely invention.”  The Herald

We Feel...
This exquisite performance from Denmark is an intimate emotional journey of the heart that old and young people instinctively understand. Whether you share this journey or experience it alone, we hope you’ll find it breathtakingly beautiful.

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