Dublin Theatre Festival

Living Space Theatre Company (formerly Readco) in association with Bedrock Productions

You Are Here

By Ioanna Anderson

Venue Quartiere Bloom (Italian Quarter)
Date 23 Sep - 28 Sep 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 8.00pm, 10.00pm
30 Sep - 5 Oct 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 8.00pm, 10.00pm
7 Oct - 12 Oct 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 8.00pm, 10.00pm
Duration 1hr 5mins

Directed by Tara Derrington
Cast includes Annemarie Gaillard, Carl Kennedy, Eleanor Methven, Aonghus Weber

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you are here

“I bet your house is full of stuff. I bet it's big and lovely and snug and cluttered and full of things. I bet you could walk in and know right away it was somebody's home.”

Sometimes the places where we live have surprising stories to tell...

Performed in a city centre apartment, You Are Here is a funny, moving and up-close piece of theatre where an audience of potential investors bear witness to the overlapping lives of four Dubliners: a young woman having an affair with a married man, a writer of self-help books who seems in need of help herself, and an estate agent who can't get onto the property ladder.

You Are Here exists as two separate but thematically overlapping shows. As the light changes and the city goes from Daytime to Nighttime, so do the emotional lives of these four city dwellers. Afternoon and evening viewings each offer unique perspectives on the property. You can arrange to attend one, the other or both...

Contains scenes of an adult nature. Daytime (1pm and 3pm) and Nighttime (8pm and 10pm) are separate but complementary shows.

We Feel...
You Are Here is an original, contemporary piece of theatre by a new generation of theatre makers that examines where we live now and how our lives have changed at the same breakneck speed as the City itself.

Talking Theatre
Panel Discussion: The challenges and possibilities of creating work in unconventional spaces.
Sept 27, 3pm. Project Cube.

Meeting Point
Quartière Bloom (Italian Quarter, Northside of Millenium Bridge) at the Last Supper mural.
Late arrivals cannot be accommodated

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