Dublin Theatre Festival

Ivana Muller

While We Were Holding It Together

Concept Ivana Muller

Venue Project Arts Centre
Date 1 Oct - 4 Oct 10.00pm
Duration 1hr 7mins

Proudly supported by

'While We Were Holding It Together' Proudly supported by<br><br>Goethe Institut

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while we were holding

Five performers on a bare stage strike a deceptively simple tableau. While they struggle physically to hold it together for the next 67 minutes, our perception of what the theatre is and what it means to be an audience is constantly challenged. 

Often hilarious and always stimulating. While We Were Holding It Together continuously provokes shifts in our thinking and makes us question what it is we are seeing: Is it a rock band on tour? A family picnicking in a forest? Or is it something more sinister altogether? We look and reinvent, while searching for what is hidden and for what we want to see.

In 2007 Ivana Muller was awarded with the Charlotte Kouhler Prize, and While We Were Holding It Together won the internationally renowned Festival Impulse's first prize for the best off-theatre production, as well as the prize of the Goethe Institute.

Performed in English.

“The piece is ingeniously constructed and despite the serious approach the performance bears an exceptional and comical lightness.” Jury VSCD - Mimeprize 2007

We Feel...
Choreographer Ivana Müller’s While We Were Holding It Together is a genuinely original work that is disquieting, moving and very, very funny. Miss it and you might miss the hit of the Festival.