Dublin Theatre Festival

National Theatre of Great Britain


Devised by Katie Mitchell

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre
Date 7 Oct - 11 Oct 7.30pm
8 Oct 2.30pm
11 Oct 2.30pm
Duration 2hrs 30mins

From the text of Virgina Woolf's 'The Waves'
Director Katie Mitchell
Designer Vicki Mortimer
Video Designer Leo Warner
Lighting Designer Paule Constable
Music Paul Clarke
Sound Designer Gareth Fry
Producer Padraig Cusack

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"In the beginning, there was a nursery, with windows opening on to a garden, and beyond that the sea." 

The Waves, first published in 1931, is Virginia Woolf's most experimental novel. A fragmentedand dreamlike tale of friendship, loss, identityand love, this playpoem's follows a privileged English family from an idyllic childhood summer to the disillusionment of post WW1 adulthood and, ultimately, to their death.

Now the renowned director Katie Mitchell and her company of versatile actors have taken Woolf's ground-breaking experiment in literary form and applied equally radical multi-media technology to create an original, haunting theatrical work of great beauty. 

“Theatre and video come together so seamlessly and complement each other so exquisitely it is as if Mitchell, her actors and video artist Leo Warner have created an entirely new art form.”  The Guardian

We Feel... 
The blisteringly original director Katie Mitchell and her regular company of hugely talented actors are creating some of the most vital theatre in Europe today. With Waves they break exciting new ground using live-feed video and multi-media technology to astonishing effect.

Talking Theatre
Members of the company.
Oct 10 Post-show (10pm approx).

Panel Discussion
State of Play: The role of National Theatres.
Oct 4, 4.45pm. Abbey Theatre.

There is no Video for this show