Dublin Theatre Festival

De Onderneming, Antwerp

The Notebook/ The Proof

By Agota Kristof

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

Adapted for the stage by Carly Wijs, Robby Cleiren, Rysard Turbiasz, Gunther Lesage
Designed by Stef Stessel
Costume design by Charlotte Willems
Cast Carly Wijs, Robby Cleiren, Rysard Turbiasz, Gunther Lesage

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The Notebook

Agota Kristof's trilogy is brought from novel to stage in an astonishing act of epic theatrical storytelling. Refugees in a small village, twin boys are sent to live with their embittered grandmother. With their childhood engulfed by the cowardice and savagery of war, they quickly learn to protect themselves and acquire the coldness of objectivity. Together they begin to write in the Big Notebook an account of their days - a record of the truth. Thus begins a mysterious and captivating intermingling of lies, reality and fiction amid a backdrop of atrocity and hardship.

The Notebook and The Proof are stories of exile, a search for identity and the attempt to establish a past when nothing but the drifts of fragile memories exist. The productions were a major hit at last year's Edinburgh International Festival.

The Notebook and The Proof can be seen separately or as an extraordinary double-bill.

Performed in English.

"a towering and unforgettable experience"
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