Dublin Theatre Festival

Royal Shakespeare Company

The Comedy of Errors

Directed by Tim Supple

Venue Dublin City University

Design by Robert Innes Hopkins

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The Comedy of Errors is probably Shakespeare's earliest work, having it first performance in London in December 1594 as part of the Christmas celebrations.

Like most of this contemporaries, Shakespeare had drawn heavily on an earlier source- in this case, one of Plautu's most successful comedies, The Menaechmi. The plot of the Plautus's work was well known at the time and the dramatic device of twins had been long popular for theatre audeicnes: Shakespeare complicated the situation by adding another set of twins as opposed to PLautus's one. In addition, Shakespeare introduces the chracter of Luciana, a foil-sister of the fiercely jealous Adriana. She, in turn, furnishes the love interest for Antiphlus of Syracuse. As a resulf, even in this, a first attenpy at starifyinf the seasoned Elizabethan theatre-goers with a sparkling comedy. Shakespeare gives us a vivid demonstration of both a high degree of genius and creativity in this young playwright.

The Dublin visit of the RSC is supported by The British Council

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