Dublin Theatre Festival


The Giraffe's Journey

By Roberto Abbiati

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 11 Oct - 12 Oct 10.15am
11 Oct - 12 Oct 12.15pm
13 Oct - 14 Oct 1.00pm
13 Oct - 14 Oct 3.00pm
Duration 1hr (no interval)

Proudly supported by

'The Giraffe's Journey' Proudly supported by<br><br>Italian Cultural Institute

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The Giraffe's Journey Show Image
“Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Look with wonder, stare in amazement at one of the rarest sights in the Animal Kingdom. Let me present to you, the one, the only Camelopardalis Giraffe.
Just between you and me, to be honest, he might be a bit past his prime, but he’s unique, and very, very special…”
Join us for this bizarre and wonderful tale of a giraffe who travelled from the plains of Africa to the heart of France in 1824.
Inspired by a true story, some might say it's a tall story, but believe us, it's true…

Ages: 7+

What Do We Think?
A treat for young and old, this madcap storytelling troupe will have everyone hooked.
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