Dublin Theatre Festival

Tof Theatre

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 27 Sep - 28 Sep 10.15am
27 Sep - 28 Sep 12.15pm
29 Sep - 30 Sep 1.00pm
29 Sep - 30 Sep 3.00pm
Duration 50 mins (no interval)

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Bistouri Show Image
Who is this ill patient at whose bedside we find two retired do-it-yourself surgeons happy to be working again? Which famous client did these two hacks unearth, and what are the stakes of this open-body surgery? In any event, the operation promises to be delicately hysterical…

Impassioned by the ordinary stories of daily life, Tof Théâtre produces its shows for the glory of the commonplace... and lends us its tender and teasing magnifying glass to look at the microcosmic dramas of our lives. Prepare to be astounded by Bistouri!
Ages: 7+

What Do We Think?
This hysterical, wild production is guaranteed to have the entire audience screeching!
There is no Video for this show