Dublin Theatre Festival

Improvised Music Company

Sonos 'E Memoria

A film by Gianfranco Cabbidu

Venue Vicar Street
Date 7 Oct 8.00pm
Duration 2 hrs

Music by Paulo Fresu
Performers Include Paolo Fresu, Furio di Castri, Elena Ledda, Luigi Lai launeddas, Mauro Palmas, Antonello Salis, Federico Sanesi, Carlo Cabiddu, Concordu 'e su Rosariu, Mario Corona, Giovanni Ardu and Antonio Migheli 'oghe/ Roberto Iriu

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Paulo Fresu Show Image
Italian filmmaker Gianfranco Cabbidu was researching an entirely different project when he discovered lost footage of life in Sardinia in the 1930s, now vividly reanimated in this collaboration with the celebrated Italian trumpeter Paulo Fresu.
With its evocation of island life and its rugged cultural identity, Sonos ‘E Memoria carries a powerful resonance, reminiscent of films like Man Of Aran, and the traditional music of offshore islands like Tory.
Music is at the core to this beautiful show, which is performed live by a stellar gathering of singers and musicians, led throughout by Fresu’s lyrical trumpet, evoking his inspiration Miles Davis as much as his native Sardinia.
Presented in association with Pioneer Investments Ltd, and supported by The Italian Cultural Institute, UniCredito Italiano & Morgan Stanley. 
What Do We Think?
12 Sardinian musicians give new life to a rare and beautiful film which provides a unique insight into a forgotten island identity. 
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