Dublin Theatre Festival



Written and performed by Nicky Paraiso

Venue The New Theatre
Date 4 Oct - 6 Oct 10.00pm
Duration 1hr 20mins

Directed by Ralph B. Pena

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House/Boy Show Image
Nicky Paraiso, a BESSIE and NY Innovative Theater Award-winning actor and solo performance artist, deals with themes of identity, sexuality, class, race, and the enduring question of what ‘home’ means to immigrant cultures everywhere. Paraiso explores these themes in his cabaret drama House/Boy in which he sings of his father, interwoven with material on two houseboys, one fictional – the Filipino houseboy in John Huston’s film Reflections in a Golden Eye, and the other real – the houseboy of his mother, who returns to her ancestral home.

“With a piano and some well-chosen songs, Paraiso has shepherded expertly and movingly the different parts of his tale under one well-wrought roof” Village Voice


What Do We Think?
New York's East Village alternative arts scene is undergoing a renaissance in recent years. This season of performances, featuring drag, burlesque, cabaret and performance, will shock, entertain and appal in equal measure. Who needs sleep?


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