Dublin Theatre Festival

The 7 Fingers


Directed & produced by The 7 Fingers

Venue Olympia Theatre
Date 1 Oct - 6 Oct 7.30pm
6 Oct 3.00pm
Duration 1hr 30mins (no interval)

Cast includes William Underwood, Heloise Bourgeois, Raphael Cruz, Bradley Henderson and Francisco Cruz

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Traces SHow Image
Time is running out. How would you leave your traces?
Combining stunning acrobatics with an urban hip-hop flavour, all imbued with a poetic reflection on memory and survival, Traces leaves us breathless and wanting more, just as the countdown runs out…
Imagine five exceptional young performers dancing, swaggering, swinging, swaying and skateboarding. That's Traces from Montreal's sizzling circus arts theatre company The 7 Fingers (who needs 10 when you're that good?),
With exceptional performers who combine their high-level circus skills with an electric urban energy, this handful of artists use such wide-ranged disciplines as traditional Chinese acrobatics, basketball, skateboarding, classical piano, dance, humour and illustration
"If this is the circus of the 21st Century, things are looking up... a wild triumph" San Francisco Chronicle.
What Do We Think?
This staggeringly talented young company breathe funky new energy into contemporary circus, delivering what is likely to be the most exhilarating night out during the entire Festival.
Talking Theatre:
Members of the company.
Oct 2, Post-show (9.15pm approx).