Dublin Theatre Festival

Legs on the Wall

On The Case

Concept by Debra Batton

Venue George's Dock
Date 28 Sep - 30 Sep 8.00pm
28 Sep - 30 Sep 10.00pm
Duration 25 mins

Directed by Debra Batton, Mark Murphy
Composed by Carl Polke
Animation by Dave Jones

Proudly supported by

'On The Case' Proudly supported by<br><br>Ulster Bank

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On The Case Show Image
Welcome to On the Case – a game for four players. A woman falls through the sky. Did she jump? Was she pushed? Should she PLAY or QUIT? The chase is on to snatch back what is rightfully hers - her stolen heart. Her objective? Find the case, retrieve the heart, and win the game.
A major, free outdoor spectacle performed high on a wall at Georges Dock in the Dublin Docklands, this aerial thriller could only be the work of Legs on the Wall, Australia's premier physical theatre company. Famous for stunning choreography at dizzying heights, the artists of Legs on the Wall transform George’s Dock into a vertical stage as they fly, cartwheel and spin through the air; bouncing against dazzling animated cartoon projections. With breath-taking imagery and daring, acrobatic movement, this brilliantly innovative show is a game of chance with altitude!
 Commissioned and first presented by Commonwealth Games Festival Melbourne 2006
“One of the most athletic, awe-inspiring, gob-smacking performances… thrilling” Sydney Morning Herald

What Do We Think?
The Festival takes to the great outdoors with an enormous public spectacle that is Ulster Bank’s gift to you on the occasion of our 50th birthday. Enjoy the ride! 

Ulster Bank Free Festival Event 
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