Dublin Theatre Festival

Katona Jozsef Theatre


By Anton Chekov

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere
Date 28 Sep - 29 Sep 7.30pm
29 Sep 2.30pm
30 Sep 3.30pm
Duration 2hrs 50mins

Directed by Tamas Ascher

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Ivanov Show Image
Following the madcap success of Rattledanddisappeared last year, Budapest’s renowned Katona Jozsef Theatre return to the Festival with a revelatory production of Chekhov’s early masterpiece, Ivanov in the first of three Chekhov plays at this year’s Festival.
With the consummate skill of a true artist, Tamas Ascher, one of Europe’s most respected interpreters of Chekhov’s work, has uprooted the play from its usual setting amongst the fading Russian bourgeoisie, and planted it firmly within Hungary’s ascendant peasant classes of the 1960s. With remarkable similarities to rural Ireland (down to the old man listening to the match with a transistor to his ear on a Sunday afternoon), Ascher’s deeply human Ivanov places the emphasis on the tragedy of Chekhov’s text, as well as its comedy – his characters drink, they fight, they dream about parties and sex in order to hide the ultimate sadness of living.
Winner of the Golden Laurel Wreath for Best Director and Best Performance at the MESS Festival in Sarajevo, this remarkable company of actors works together like an orchestra, beautifully delivering an unsettling and poetic performance about human failing, and the unfathomable vanity of an apathetic man incapable of love.
Contains nudity
Performed in Hungarian with English surtitles.
Acting of this force cuts through the language barrier”
The Guardian
What Do We Think?
A remarkable ensemble production which relocates Chekhov’s early masterpiece to rural Hungary in the 1960’s with devastating and hear-breaking effects.
Talking Theatre:
Members of the company.
Sept 30, Pre-show (1.00pm).
There is no Video for this show