Dublin Theatre Festival

Broomhill Opera
South Africa

The Mysteries

Conceived and created by Mark Dornford-May and Charles Hazlewood

Venue Gaiety Theatre

Directed by Mark Dornford-May
Music Director Charles Hazlewood
Choreography by Joel Mthethwa
Designed by Mark Dornford-Maya and Dan Watkins
Lighting design by Mannie Manim
Costume design by Leigh Bishop
Cast of Characters Adam, Eve, Lucifer, Abel, Cain, Noah, Mrs Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Herod, Pilate, Gabriel, Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Angels, Soldiers & God

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The Mysteries

"The loveliest, purest and most uplifting show in London" raved The Independent's Paul Taylor on what has become the international theatre event of the year. With music based on traditional African folk songs and a script that employs the rich lingual diversity of modern day South Africa, the forty-five strong company present the 'history of the world': from the mystery of God's creation to the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ.

In early 2000, director Mark Dornford-May and conductor Charles Hazlewood auditioned 2,000 people in halls and classrooms throughout the townships of South Africa. Forty five were selected and The Mysteries (or Yiimimangaliso in Zulu) began its extraordinary life.

It has since been performed in South Africa, Australia, the US and has enjoyed a hugely successful run in the West End.

Accessible and funny, The Mysteries is also deeply touching. The profundity of the crucifixion and miracle of incarnation are evoked with a sensitivity that captures the very essence of the Christian story. When the production rises to a crescendo of percussive oil drums, roof-raising a cappella and exuberant dance it "makes theatre an infinitely brighter, better place" The Guardian.

"The Mysteries goes way beyond special. It is extraordinary"
Time Out

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