Dublin Theatre Festival

Vélo Théâtre

There's a Rabbit in the Moon
Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 30 Sep - 1 Oct 1.00pm
30 Sep - 1 Oct 3.00pm

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Rabbit in the Moon Tilt

Shhh. Pedro's mother is telling him a bedtime story, and you are invited!

One dark night far, far away, Thomas Snout was born. Ever since, he has collected nights, capturing them with his bare hands, which is not an easy task as obscurity is black, dirty and leaves traces. Join us on the crescent moon in the workshop of Thomas Snout, the famous collector of nights - starry nights, scary nights, silent nights. Stars listen to your whispers, and a cat and silk ballerina drive off into the stars in this surprising, magical production.

Using only everyday objects and the poetry of imagination to weave his nocturnal tales, celebrated French actor Charlot Lemoine invites us to tiptoe through a twilight world where the constellations eavesdrop on our whispers. Enchanting, funny and utterly charming, this magical children's production takes our night-time fears and casts them to the four corners of the universe. A delight for children and adults alike.

Suitable for ages 4+

Proudly supported by the French Embassy in Ireland


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