Dublin Theatre Festival



Conceived, Directed and Designed by Pol Heyvaert

Venue Project Arts Centre
Date 2 Oct - 7 Oct 7.30pm
7 Oct 1.00pm
Duration 1 hour

With Texts by Pol HeyvaertDimitri Verhulst
Starring Lies Pauwels and Jeroen Perceval
With the Voice of Jackie Dewaele

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Aaslt Tilt

“They had found each other. Their lives had drifted together, become entwined, interwoven, knotted, s o l d e red, burnt, beaten and hammered together, and it was clear that only a hard hand would be able to sever this tie. They remind us of an African poem about two absolute lovers who fit to gether in the way only a matching salt cellar and pepper pot fit together; two receptacles that look exactly alike, identical except for the holes.”

Victoria returns to the Dublin Theatre Festival after their wildly controversial visit in 2005 with White Star. On this occasion, they examine the anatomy of a crime so hideous it tainted the name of the village where it was perpetrated (Aalst), forever. Kurt and Kathy check into a hotel with their two children. When the police arrive a week later, they find both children dead by the hands of their own parents…  

Aalst is faction theatre (fact/fiction) of the purest sort. It is a story based on reality in which statements and interviews are reproduced exactly but to which new and fictional elements are also added.

Although the crime at the centre of the story is heartbreaking, Aalst doesn't dwell on this. Rather it is the story of a young working-class couple so morbidly ignorant that the contract of civilisation does not bind them. On the very edges of the fabric of society, the distinction between right and wrong ceases to exist. And we are left with this: nobody can stop you from killing. They can only get to you afterwards.

 "COMPELLING" - The Irish Times on White Star

"WONDERFUL AND DARING"- Irish Independent on White Star
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