Dublin Theatre Festival

National Theatre of Craiova

Titus Andronicus

Directed by Silviu Purcarete

Venue SFX City Theatre

Designed by Stefanea Cenean

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Titus Andronicus has been hailed on five continents as one of the definitive interpretations of Shakespeare's great and bloody tragedy and has won more prizes than any other production in Romanian theatre history.

On a stage engulfed by huge billowing drapes, by turn clinical white and then blood red - Romania's leading theatre ensemble brings the brutal and de-humanising world of Shakespeare's first tragedy to life. The production's greatest achievement is the portrayal of historical evil as an all-too-familiar, life-destroying and unstoppable nightmare.

Presented is association with Offshore International Cultural Projects, Amsterdam. Performed in Romanian with English FOCON surtitles.

"Utterly mesmerising" The Guardian

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