Dublin Theatre Festival

After Seneca and Euripides / National Theatre of Craiova


Directed by Silviu Purcarete

Venue SFX City Theatre

Designed by Stefanea Cenean

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Phaedra is widely regarded as Purcarete's masterpiece. Within 75 intense and haunting minutes, the spectator experiences a spectrum of emotions and styles: black humour, choric ritual, brutal violence, intimate grief.
The ancient story of the gods tormenting mankind for their sport is a mesmerising spectacle, told in ghostly moonlight by a company of 33 actors.

The residency of the National Theatre of Craiova was made possible by the support of the Patrons of the Dublin Theatre Festival.

"I have nothing but admiration for Silviu Purcarete's stunning production of Phaedra" The Daily Telegraph

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