Dublin Theatre Festival

Gate Theatre

The Weeping of Angels

By Joseph O'Connor

Venue Gate Theatre

Directed by Alan Stanford
Cast includes: Brenda Fricker, John Kavanagh, Bernadette McKenna, Joan O'Hara

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In an attic room far above Dublin in the not too distant future, three old women are perched together like rare and endangered birds. Sister Veronica, Mother Bernard and Sister Eugenia Barker have spent thirty years in this strange institution, watching through their window as the city far below has forgotten them. But as this Christmas Eve dawns, fate is about to intervene with shattering and hilarious consequences, and the world they thought so still is on the brink of being changed forever.

This is Joseph O'Connor's first play for the Gate Theatre. In addition to film and television scripts, journalism and biography, his previous work for the theatre includes Red Roses and Petrol. He has also written two best-selling novels, Cowboys and Indians and Desperadoes, as well as a collection of short stories, True Believers.

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