Dublin Theatre Festival

National Theatre Society

The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde

By Thomas Kilroy

Venue Abbey Theatre

Directed by Patrick Mason
Designed by Joe Vanek
Lighting designed by Nick Chelton
Cast includes Jane Brennan, Robert O'Mahoney, Andrew Scott

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Moving, disturbing and unnervingly funny, this is a vivid and at times nightmarish vision of a tragedy which has until now, been so often overlooked: the story of Constance Holland - Lloyds marriage to Oscar Wilde.

In his new play Kilroy shows two people locked in a marriage of opposites, exposing the truth behind this most extraordinary of modern relationships.

Kilroy's play presents Constance battling with her own demons, the secrets of her past, until she finally learns that "when one sups with the Gods, one must pay the full price of admission".

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