Dublin Theatre Festival

Cirque Plume

Cirque Plume
Venue RDS Showjumping Arena

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Entering through the foyer tent you climb the stairs to the main auditorium and you are among 1000 people in France's biggest theatre tent. The lights go down and you enter the world of Cirque Plume, a voyage where giant shadows fall in love, highwire artists dance above your head with ghostly clowns and a crazy cyclist somersaults in the air. All this is woven together by beautiful live music to tell a tale of men, women, romance and happiness. 

Cirque Plume is one of the most highly regarded circuses in Europe. If you enjoyed shows like Footsbarn and Phillipe Genty, which bring out the eternal child in you, a visit to this magical evening is an essential part of this year's festival.

Don't miss the biggest show of the 1997 festival.

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