Dublin Theatre Festival

Circus Ethiopia

Circus Ethiopia
Venue Gaiety Theatre

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'Circus Ethiopia' Proudly supported by<br><br>Stena Line

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A young troupe of talented acrobats and a powerhouse band rich in the sounds of Africa create a heart-stopping spectacle for the whole family.

Circus Ethiopia were founded in 1991 and quickly became a source of cultural pride for the whole country. Dressed in colourful costumes and filled with irrepressible energy, the troupe - who range in age from nine to 20 - are a miracle of optmism, delight and sheer energy.

We felt there was no better way to open this year's festival that with this unique theatrical carnival.

"Riches are usually only measured in terms of money. Not so with Circus Ethiopia: its greatest riches are the companionship of the poeple who participate in it and their dream to create something crazy, something no one would have dreamed possible. They do not want their home country to be linked only to images of hunger and poverty but with joy and creativity. In that, Circus Ethiopia are rich!" - Friends of Circus Ethiopia

"A brilliant concept, brilliantly carried out. Enjoy, exult, and realise that it is a priviledge to belong to the human race." Peter Ustinov

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