Dublin Theatre Festival

Passion Machine Theatre Company

Native City

Written and directed by Paul Mercier

Venue Tivoli Theatre

Designed by Anne Gately
Lighting designed by Megan Sheppard

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This year, the Festival and Passion Machine Theatre Company, together with a company of over thirty actors, present one of the most significant events in the Irish theatre calender; the world premiere of Native City, the final play in Mercier's Dublin Trilogy. Native City is an irreverent excavation of the last century of Dublin history told through the stories of its people. Set in a church in Dublin's city centre on the even of the millennium, this funny and incisive play revisits a selection of seminal moments from Dublin's last 100 years - some we love to brag about, others we'd rather forget.

The world premiere production will be presented in tandem with re-stagings of the first two plays in the trilogy, featuring many members of their original casts.

"Heads, Howyas, Hoytie-Toyties and Howsitgoinhorses flocked to the SFX with equal enthusiasm to see the Passions Machine. Suddenly there was  no such thing as an unlikely theatregoer, incredible when you think about it" - From the Passion of Paul Mercier.


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