Dublin Theatre Festival

East Productions

Shakespeare's Villains - A Masterclass In Evil

Written and performed by Stephen Berkoff

Venue Olympia Theatre

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If anyone was born to be bad, it's Steven Berkoff. Throughout his extraordinary, two decade-long career, Berkoff has been the thorn in the side of the British cultural establishment. In his provocative new production Berkoff tackles the subject of evil itself through this examination of some of the nastiness of characters in Shakespeare's canon, from Richard III to Macbeth to Coriolanus

Part Masterclass and part bravura performance, In Shakespeare's Villains, Berkoff not only offers his own interpretations of these great roles but takes on the ghosts of great actors who have left their imprints on them, from Garrick to Olivier.

"Shakespeare as he should be played, with emotion, integrity and bravery" Sunday Business

"The villain is the outsider, the tormented genius who has not been let into society... In this performance I have chosen to look at the aspects of villainy and their sources. Some are not obvious choices, like Hamlet, and yet he becomes a candidate when one realises that he still manages to cause the death of half a dozen people including some fairly innocent ones...There are as many different kinds of villainy as there are personalities and I have chosen to peer inside the heads of a few of them." - Steven Berkoff

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