Dublin Theatre Festival

Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg

Stars in the Morning Sky

By Alexander Galin

Venue Gaiety Theatre

Directed by Lev Dodin
Designed by Alexei Porai-Koshits
Cast Sergey Bekhterev, Galina Filmonova, Marina Gridasova, Igor Ivanov, Sergey Kozyrev, Anzhelika Nevolina, Tatyana Rasskasova, Tatyana Shestakova

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Moscow 1980. The Summer Olympic Games are about to begin and the Soviet government is determined to hide those parts of their society they would rather the world not see - including the city's prostitutes, who are rounded up and held in internment camps under appalling conditions. Alexander Galin took this true story as the jumping-off point for his moving play, set on a single night in one of those camps and played by an ensemble cast of some of the Maly's finest actors.

Lev Dodin and The Maly Theatre of St. Petersburg
The Maly was founded in 1944. Born rather by an governmental decree that an artistic urge, for many years the Maly lacked a definitive voice and popular support. The artistic situation changed when Yefim Padve assumed leadership of the theatre and attracted a number of young playwrights and directors to it, among them Lev Dodin.

"There are theatre companies in the world capable of carrying off brilliant performances. But it's the rare group that can make you believe that life, even the wildest, most phantasmagorical, is being lived on stage. The Maly Drama Theatre does just that." The Chicago Sun Times

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