Dublin Theatre Festival


The Plains of Enna

By Pat Kinevane

Venue Tivoli Theatre

Directed by Jim Culleton
Designed by Kieran McNulty
Original music by John McKeown

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The Denis family lives on a small farm at Bellard. the Powers live in Enna house. The two families have been feuding for a generation.

But life is lived at a safe distance from each other. Nina Denis cleans for the Vanderpools and eats plenty of cereal for her arthritis. Kora Denis is learning Italian for when she visits her sister in Italy. Séamar Denis sometimes goes the colour of Betty Scully's cardigan. And everything stops for the Angelus.

It all goes wrong when Hady Power rescues Kora Denis from an electric fence and an impetuous, forbidden love affair begins. Past rivalries, buried vendettas and troubled ghosts are resurrected on the Plains of Enna.

This new play is a volcanic tale of love, betrayal and revenge. Set during 1967, the production promises to be both earthy and operatic! Last year, Fishamble produced Pat Kinevan's award-winning first play The Nun's Wood, which the Irish Times remarked was "excellently directed by Jim Culleton...marking not only collective excellence in the company but also an auspicious authorial debut by Pat Kinevane."

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