Dublin Theatre Festival

National Theatre

The Map Maker's Sorrow

By Chris Lee

Venue Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage

Directed by Brian Brady
Set and costumes designed by Paul McCauley
Lighting by Paul Keogan

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Parents always want the best for their children - they want them to grasp the opportunity they never had and learn from their mistakes. But sometimes their children find that they can't live up to these expectations and feelings of failure creep in. For Henry and Morag, dealing with the death of their only son, the loss forces them to confront their own personal demons and strive to look at the world in a new light. By questioning their own obsessions they come to accept the depth of their grief and slowly learn to communicate with each other.

Critics and audiences welcomed playwright Chris Lee as a major new discovery when his first play The Electrocution of Children premiered last year in the Peacock Theatre. Lee, co-winner of the 1998 Stewart Parker award, is the current Anglo Irish Bank Writer in Association with the Abbey Theatre. The Map Maker's Sorrow reunites Lee and The Electrocution of Children's director Brian Brady, an associate director of the Abbey Theatre.

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