Dublin Theatre Festival


Compania María Pagés: Flamenco Republic

Artistic direction by María Pagés

Venue Olympia Theatre

Performed by María Pagés, Angel Muñoz, María Morales, Ana Ma Rodríguez, Rocio Molina, Emilio Herrera, José Barrios, Sonia Fernández Understudies: Marta Arias, Carlos Cardoso, Juan Manuel Carrillo, Ricardo López
Musicians Singer - Ana Ramón, Guitar - José Carillo (Fiti), Luis Miguel Manzano, Percussion -Francisco Alcaide

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In Ireland, María Pagés is best known for her mesmerising performance in Riverdance. Acknowledged as both a consummate performer and innovative choreographer of flamenco, Pagés was awarded the prestigious National Arts Award of Spain never before given to a flamenco artist.

Flamenco Republic is an exploration of passion and emotion, built around seven scenes ranging from the primal rhythm of the heart beat to the explosive, yet graceful, fusion of voice and movement. Pagés, along with her Compañía of superb dancers and musicians, draws you into the exhilarating passion and vibrant celebration of both traditional and modern flamenco.

"Pagés creates a luscious flamenco hybrid...visually gorgeous, expertly danced, and very entertaining"
Boston Globe

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