Dublin Theatre Festival


White Star

Directed by Lies Pauwels

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre
Date 7 Oct - 8 Oct 7.30pm
9 Oct 2.30pm
Duration 1hr 30mins

After an idea by Vanessa Van Durme
Cast includes Fred Debrock, Simon Dhanens, Jordi Gali, Jef Ravelingien, Wim Rigelle, Karlijn Sileghem, Einat Tuchman, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Vanessa Van Durme, Florian De Temmerman and Arno Reyns

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White Star new

Winner of the Grand Prix Award at the Kontakt Festival, White Star is a world in itself. Although it might not exist in reality, it certainly does exist somewhere in someone's head. It is a clean place and the paintwork is new. It is where, with considerable impudence, the members of a flamboyant group reveal the unexpurgated version of their inner beings. Each and every one of them is terrified of living unnoticed. Indeed, they would all rather be someone else. Better or worse, but certainly bigger and more beautiful. They are all victims, or act as if they are.

It's hard to imagine a greater concentration of taboos - disability, religion, nudity, cross-dressing - and yet, in this remarkable show by Belgium's Victoria, the combination is as arresting as it is disturbing. Alternately quiet and loud, shrill and subdued, backed up by the choice of music ranging from Decap jingles and brass-band oompah to pop and opera arias. One variable element is the strength of the material, which is probing, humorous and divinely beautiful.

It is a tender pandemonium of ten people where mixed emotions - ranging from awful platitudes to corny abominations - are acted out. They are about injustice and powerlessness, feeling different from 'ordinary' people, fighting and wanting to be accepted. It is a visual feast and a dramatic and emotional rollercoaster ride.

Performed in a combination of Dutch, French, German and English with English surtitles. Not suitable for children.

With the support of the Flemish Government.

“a thrilling production… that demands to be seen”
The Guardian

“Superior quality”
Cutting Edge

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