Dublin Theatre Festival

The Abbey Theatre, Dublin, and The Lyric Theatre,Belfast, in partnership with the British Council, present


By William Shakespeare

Venue Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage
Date 30 Sep 8.15pm Preview
1 Oct 8.15pm
3 Oct - 8 Oct 8.15pm
8 Oct 2.45pm
10 Oct - 15 Oct 8.15pm
15 Oct 2.45pm

Directed by Conall Morrison
Production Design by John Comiskey
Costumes by Joan O'Clery
Cast Kathy Kiera Clarke, Michael Harding, Vincent Higgins, Sean Kearns, Mark Lambert, Abigail McGibbon, Eleanor Methven and Patrick Moy with Patrick O'Kane as Hamlet

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Hamlet new

Renowned director Conall Morrison splits open the modern mind in this visceral new production of Hamlet, Shakespeare's great psychodrama.

Killer, philosopher, avenger, stargazer, lover and - just maybe - lunatic, Hamlet questions the cosmos as he tests the man who is his father's killer and his mother's lover.

Working with the finest actors, from North and South of the border, Morrison steers this murderous, metaphysical rollercoaster of a play and gives us a production in love with the language, in a thoroughly modern setting. Filleted to a furious two hours, this is a Hamlet of, and for, our times.

Hamlet is presented in partnership with the British Council as part of their all-island arts programme.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

Hamlet Act I , Scene V.

For further information, please visit the Abbey Theatre or the British Council

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