Dublin Theatre Festival

Rough Magic

Improbable Frequency

A new musical by & Bell Helicopter

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere
Date 23 Sep 20:00
27 Sep 20:00
2 Oct 15:00
9 Oct 15:00
Duration 2hrs approx.

Directed by Lynne Parker
Set design by Alan Farquharson
Costume design by Kathy Strachan
Lighting design by Sinéad McKenna
Musical direction by Cathal Synnott
Cast includes Cathy White, Darragh Kelly, Declan Conlon, Lisa Lambe, Peter Hanly, Rory Nolan and a band of 6 musicians

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Improbable Frequency.jpg

Rough Magic returns to the Dublin Theatre Festival with a rare thing in Irish theatre: an original, home-grown musical comedy.

It's 1941. Europe is at war and espionage is the front line. As the rest of the world gets on with the small matter of the Second World War, Dublin's lights burn flagrantly and Europe's intellectual elite has come to play. But suspicious messages on a radio requests-show have drawn the attention of MI5 and a diffident young code-breaker is dispatched to Dublin to determine which side neutral Ireland is really on.

Encounters with John Betjeman, Myles na gCopaleen and nuclear physics complicate his mission, but our hero soon realises that more is at stake than the honour of chaste local girl, Philomena O'Shea. Improbable Frequency is a joyous musical satire that lifts the lid on Ireland's beloved neutrality and cuts to the heart of the tempestuous affair with our nearest neighbour.

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