Dublin Theatre Festival

Pan Pan

The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane

Text Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre
Date 1 Oct - 3 Oct 7.30pm
5 Oct - 9 Oct 7.30pm
9 Oct 2.30pm
10 Oct 3.00pm
Duration 2hrs 30mins

Directed by Gavin Quinn
Designed by Aedin Cosgrove
Cast includes Olwen Fouéré, Andrew Bennett, Conor Madden, Daniel Reardon, Judith Roddy, Derrick Devine and Garrett Lombard.

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There's something strange in the neighbourhood of contemporary Denmark. Who are you going to call? That is the question.
In Pan Pan's purgatorial presentation of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, you the audience are faced with a choice: who is going to be, or not be, Hamlet?
Actors compete to play the title role but as we enter the graveyard world of this icon of individualism can anyone escape playing the 'Great' Dane? Aren't we all the main part?
Hamlet, seen as representing the limits of human consciousness, is a man caught between the ages. He knows the old is obsolete, yet the new age has barbarian features he cannot stomach. But if he gets chosen to play the Dane, he's going to have to - funeral meats and all.
To audition or not to audition? But the real question is: how the hell are you going to learn all those lines? Come find out with the irrepressible Pan Pan...
‘I ain't afraid of no ghost’ - Hamlet

TALKING THEATRE: Gavin Quinn and members of the company. Oct 7, Post-show 10pm (approx.)

"You'll be delighted, discomfited and affected by Pan Pan's shows." Irish Independent