Dublin Theatre Festival

Robert Lepage and Ex Machina

The Blue Dragon

Directed by Robert Lepage

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere
Date 7 Oct - 10 Oct 7.30pm
10 Oct 2.30pm
11 Oct 3.00pm
Duration 2hrs

By Marie Michaud and Robert Lepage
English Translation by Michael MacKenzie
Performers Marie Michaud, Henri Chassé and Tai Wei Foo

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'The Blue Dragon' Proudly supported by<br><br>Québec

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After taking Dublin by storm with the hit of the 2003 Festival the far side of the moon, one of the true visionaries of modern theatre, Québecois director, actor and storyteller Robert Lepage, returns to the Festival with this emotionally vivid and visually enthralling journey.

The Blue Dragon is the sequel to Robert Lepage’s 1985 breakthrough masterpiece The Dragons’ Trilogy and marks the return of that play’s central figure, an artist who resurfaces in Shanghai twenty years later. Set in the effervescent paradox that is modern China, his encounters with a former art school classmate and a young Chinese artist open unexpected doors and bring about fundamental changes for each of them.

Co-written by Robert Lepage, winner of the 2007 Europe Theatre Prize, and his collaborator Marie Michaud, The Blue Dragon bears all the hallmarks of Lepage’s original, brilliant, and highly visual style.

Presented in association with Cultural Industry.

Performed in English.

It will blow you away because Lepage’s latest production is another extraordinary work of hi-tech wizardry and storytelling magic.

Talking Theatre In conversation with Henri Chassé and Marie Michaud.
Oct 8, Post-show 9.30pm [approx].

"Robert Lepage is one of the most challenging and chimeric directors of our time." The Guardian
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