Dublin Theatre Festival

Rough Magic


By Stewart Parker

Venue Project Arts Centre

Directed by Lynne Parker
Design by Blaithin Sheerin
Cast includes Paul Hickey, Andrea Irvine, Eleanor Methven, Carol Scallan and Sean Rocks

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Stewart Parker's superb madern classic Pentecost is set during the Ulster Workers' Council strike of 1974, arguably the darkest point in Northern Ireland's grim history. In one senseit is a history play but in a larger sense it is a story if optimism and rebirth, told from te unlikely perspective of four misfits and an implaccable ghost. It is also funny, sharp and crafted with the author's characteristic wit and style.

"Of all his plays, this is the most intimate and the most daring in the way he articulates a hope for spiritual regeneration through personal grace...Pentecost ends on a cry of passion, not just for the walking wounded of the play, but for the divided city of Belfast." Mary Holland

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