Dublin Theatre Festival

Rough Magic

Northern Star

By Stewart Parker

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

Directed by Lynne Parker

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The story of the United Irishmen and the 1798 Rebellion - a period of intense idealism, informed by both the eruptions in Revolutionary France and America, as well as the groundswell of rebellious feeling throughout the whole population of Ireland. Ironically, nationalist fervour was felt nowhere stronger then amongst the Presbyteriands of Belfast, then a progressive people whose aspirations embraced those of their Catholic neighbours.

Henry Joy McCracken was one of their number, a natural leader, born of a brilliant radical family and vlessed with personal charisma and the benefits of an enlightened education. Nother Star is his story.

Nothern Star is theatrical kaleirdoscope. It employs pastiche as a kind of strategy by harnessing together the voices of the great Irish playwrights from Sheridan to Beckett. It tells a "continuing comedy of terrors" through the distinctive and ferocious imagination of Stewart Parker.

Rough Magic were winners of Best Irish Production at the 1995 Dublin Theatre Festival.


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