Dublin Theatre Festival

Abbey Theatre


An Adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov'

Venue Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage
Date 26 Sep - 27 Sep 8.00pm
29 Sep - 4 Oct 8.00pm
4 Oct 2.30pm
6 Oct - 11 Oct 8.00pm
11 Oct 2.30pm
Duration 2hrs 30mins

Created by Theatre O
Written by Enda Walsh
Director Joseph Alford
Designer James Humphrey
Lighting Designer Aideen Malone
Composer and Sound Gus MacMillon
Choreographer Eva Vilamitjana
Animation and Illustration Paddy Molloy

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“If there is no God, everything is permitted...”

The Abbey Theatre presents a daring adaptation of Dostoevsky's classic tale of family rivalries, created by renowned Irish playwright Enda Walsh (Disco Pigs, Bedbound, The Walworth Farce) and the award-winning theatre O. 

From its explosive opening, this bold and muscular interpretation demands you sit up and take notice! 

The Karamazovs are a train wreck waiting to happen. A hated father and his sons battle it out over women, money and God. Uncompromising and on the edge, they don't so much live as burn up. 

Hilarious, brutal and tragic, Delirium pulsates with energy, bursting at the seams with barely controlled passions as emotion and intellect battle for stage time. Questions of faith and fundamentalism play out against unrequited love and a lust for life in a world that's losing its moral and ethical boundaries. 

Delirium was co-commissioned by Barbican BITE:08 and the Abbey Theatre.

We Feel...
A new play from Enda Walsh is always a thrilling prospect. Working in collaboration with the uniquely talented theatre O, Delirium is likely to be one of the most innovative productions in the 2008 programme.

Photo credit: Paddy Molloy

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