Dublin Theatre Festival

Vesturport Theatre and Lyric Hammersmith


By Franz Kafka

Venue Olympia Theatre
Date 29 Sep - 4 Oct 7.30pm
4 Oct 2.30pm
Duration 1hr 30mins

Adapted and Directed by David Farr, Gisli Orn Gardarsson
Music by Nick Cave, Warren Ellis
Designer Borkur Jonsson
Sound by Nick Manning
Costume Designer Brenda Murphy
Producers Rakel Gardarsdottir and Kate McGrath

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A theatrically explosive new version of Kafka's famous short story is brought to brilliant life by a mix of Icelandic and British creative talent. In Gisli Orn Gardarsson and David Farr's darkly comic and physical production, the unremarkable life of the Samsa family is turned - literally - upside down.

This hugely acclaimed production combines breathtaking physicality and daring aerial action as the recently transformed Gregor lithely negotiates a gravity-defying split level set. With evocative original music by world-renowned musician and lyricist Nick Cave, and long time collaborator Warren Ellis, Metamorphosis is a savagely humorous and profoundly moving expression of the alienation of modern man.

One of the hottest international shows of 2008, this muscular production bursts onto the stage making Kafka's dream-like vision an electrifying reality.

“Illuminated by such brilliant theatricality that it’s impossible to tear your eyes away. Potent, startling, visceral and thoughtful.”  The Times

We Feel...
Physical theatre - in the true sense of the word - brilliantly performed by a remarkable group of talented performers. Metamorphosis will deliver some of the most memorable theatrical images seen in Dublin for some time.

Talking Theatre
Members of the company.
Oct 1 Post-show (9pm approx).

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