Dublin Theatre Festival



Directed by Arpad Schilling

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere
Date 2 Oct - 6 Oct 7.30pm
6 Oct 3.00pm
7 Oct 4.00pm
Duration 1hr 30mins (no interval)

Devised by Gergely Banki, Eszter Csakanyi, Joszef Gyabronka, Laszlo Katona, Annamaria Lang, Zoltan Mucsi, Zsolt Nagy, Borbala Peterfy, Roland Raba, Lilla Sarosdi, Sandor Terhes, Tilo Werner, Attila Toth, Anna Veress, Andras Jeli, Mark Moldvai, Arpad Schilling and Istvan Tasnadi
Set design by Marton Agh
Lighting design by Tamas Banyai
Costume Design by Julcsi Kiss

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BLACKland Show Image
Political satire at its finest. Current events of both national and international significance portrayed in brief episodes – characters in tuxedos and evening gowns fraternise with topics like the Olympics, racism and election fraud. Through sharp wit, plentiful music and masterful acting talent, this piece is highly aesthetic in a painstakingly funny, although equally provocative way.
With Hungary's entry to the European Union in 2004 as inspiration, Kretakor responded with a satiric review that catalysed the sort of homespun controversy in Budapest that is best associated with filmmaker Michael Moore in America. A production which confirms that the acclaimed international reputation of director Árpád Schilling, and the Theatre Kretakor, is well deserved. Whether a stripped bare plundering of Checkov's The Seagull or a politically charged original creation, BLACKland, Kretakor challenges expectations without abandoning the tools of theatrical convention.
Performed in Hungarian with English surtitles
Contains nudity.
“There is not a single artist in our country who could grab our social, political reality with such intellectual and moral bravery” Le Figaro
What Do We Think?
An inventive, witty and visually stunning piece of contemporary theatre that deals directly with our politics and our times.
Talking Theatre:
Members of the company.
Oct 4, Post-show (9.15pm approx).
An illustrated insight into the development process featuring filmed material from the original BLACKland improvisations.
Oct 3, 1.00pm. The New Theatre.
There is no Video for this show