Dublin Theatre Festival

Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre, Dublin Theatre Festival and BITE:07, Barbican, London present

The Bull

by Michael Keegan Dolan

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere
Date 3 Oct - 4 Oct 7.30pm Preview
5 Oct - 7 Oct 7.30pm
8 Oct - 9 Oct 6.00pm
11 Oct - 14 Oct 7.30pm
15 Oct 6.00pm
Duration Approx. 90mins

Commissioned by Dublin Theatre Festival and BITE:07, Barbican, London
Composed by Philip Feeney
Designed by Merle Hensel
Lighting by Adam Silverman
Sound Designed by Gareth Fry
Cast Michael M Dolan, Colin Dunne, Olwen Fouéré, Milos Galko, Robbie Harris, Bill Lengfelder, Conor Lovett, Emanuel Obeya, Neil Paris, Gianluca Pezzino, Rachel Poirer, Angelo Smimmo, Vladislav Benito Soltys, Daphne Strothmann

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The Bull

Following on from the smash hit and award-winning Giselle at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2003, Michael Keegan-Dolan and Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre have explored the story of the Táin Bó Cuailnge, taken it apart and created a raucous, celebration of the hypocrisy at the heart of our society.

A cast of runts, egomaniacs and masochistic deviants squabble in our bogs and towns. From corrupt planning officials, to compulsive-lying plasterers, to adulterous librarians, The Bull explores the seedy, savage underbelly of contemporary society, both urban and rural.

The Bull is set in Kilmaccullen, home of the Cullen family, owners of the most valuable Limousine Bull in the country. They are visited by Maeve Fogarty and her husband Alan; a sycophantic, wealthy couple from the big city, who require the Bull for their own self worth. Two worlds collide and all hell breaks loose.

Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre joins forces with the Dublin Theatre Festival and The Barbican International Theatre Events, London, to bring to the stage a radical retelling of an Irish epic, with a company of fourteen performers, dancers, actors, singers and musicians from Ireland, the UK, USA, Italy, Nigeria, Slovakia, Austria and France.

Contains scenes which some may find disturbing.

"This one has got to be seen" - RTE Rattlebag

"a mix of humour, movement and striking visual imagery... spectacular" - Sunday Tribune

"hilarious.... scintillating... gorgeous fun" - The Irish Times

"***** a thundering pace, a maelstrom of black humour, perversity, percussion and dance. Historically entertaining" - Sunday Business Post

"a howlingly funny, wildly theatrical epic... truly unforgettable; with choreography that ranges from the frenetic to the acrobatic, performances that leave you gasping, an extraordinary set and lighting, voice production that is awesome, and ensemble work that roars of dedication, expertise and perfection. Indeed perfection seems a lame word to describe this extraordinary theatrical event... a breathtaking evening... Don't miss the opportunity to say in future years "I was there" - Sunday Independent

"the hottest ticket in town" - Irish Times - The Index

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