Dublin Theatre Festival

Gate Theatre


by Beckett

Venue Gate Theatre
Duration 1hr 30mins

Directed by Alan Stanford
Cast David Bradley, Des Keogh, Rosaleen Linehan and Owen Roe.
Set Design by Eileen Diss
Costume Design by Joan O'Clery
Lighting Design by Mick Hughes

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The Gate Theatre, in association with Ulster Bank Dublin theatre Festival presents an exciting season of plays by three towering figures of twentieth century theatre - Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter and David Mamet.

Don't miss this unique celebration of three iconic wordsmiths who, united in their commitment to the priority of language, became the heart of a new wave of writing which shaped and inspired generations, presenting us with some of the most important works of modern times.

Endgame, by Samuel Beckett, tells the comical tale about the aged and blind Hamm and his servant Clov, co-existing in a mutually dependent and fractious relationship, with only Hamm’s parents, legless from a biking accident, for company.

As part of The Relish of Language season at the Festival including Beckett's Watt, Pinter's Celebration and Mamet's Boston Marraige.

TALKING THEATRE: Michael Colgan in conversation with Lady Antonia Fraser. Oct 10, 4pm. 

There is no Video for this show