Dublin Theatre Festival

Teater My

Little Steps

by Mette Rosleff and Giacomo Ravicchio

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 27 Sep - 30 Sep 
Duration 30 mins
Prices €6.50-€12

Cast Mette Rosleff
Direction and Set Design Giacomo Ravicchio
Technician Sigurd Roge Dissing
Composer Martin Vognsen
Costumes Helene Thygesen

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A string of short poetic sketches illustrate moments in a little person's world. Mummy and Daddy. Granny and Grandad. A snail and a tree by the side of the road. Playschool filled with little friends. A bicycle, a small bed and a night-time story. An umbrella and the hope for rain.

Little Steps is the story of a small person in a big world. Wrapped in a universe full of memories the audience is suspended in a cosy, safe space surrounded by beautiful stories and moments of recognition told through music and lighting, pictures and poetry, puppets, objects and sound.

Specialising in plays for the very smallest of us, Theater My dedicates their charming and magical performances to little people on their journey into the world.

Suitable for ages 2 - 5.

"wondrously surprising" ***** The Irish Times
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